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Environment Policy

Basic Policy on Environment Matters

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd

Basic Policy

Pursuant to the express provisions of Section 1 of its Mission Statement that "The Company is guided by the principle of 'customer first' and must contribute to the evolution of society through the Company's business operations", The Company shall, as a matter of primary importance, strive, through its R&D, manufacturing and other business activities, to play a useful role in the development of society.

To this end, in conducting its operations, the Company shall remain aware that a business enterprise is a member of society. The Company shall endeavor, in all aspects of its business activities, to reduce the burden on the environment and shall gather and fully utilize its technological capabilities for the development of technologies and products that will protect the environment, thus contributing to the establishment of a society in which sustainable development is possible.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Thailand), Ltd., we are committed to:
  • Recognize that environmental protection is a matter of first priority in the Company's operations, and to encourage the entire Company in its endeavors to protect and promote the environment.
  • Define roles and responsibilities regarding environmental protection by developing and maintaining an organization suitable for environmental protection, and creating and implementing these environment policies and procedures on environmental matters.
  • Endeavor to reduce the burden on the environment by preventing pollution, saving resources, saving electrical energy, and reducing waste, in all aspects of the Company's business activities not only at the Company locations, but also the customer sites.
  • Endeavor to provide advanced, highly reliable and unique technologies and products that contribute to the solution of environmental and energy problem.
  • Comply with national and local environmental laws and regulations including customer's requirements and endeavor to improve and promote, on a continuing basis, environmental protection activities by establishing environmental objectives and targets.
  • Provide environmental training and other programs to enhance environmental awareness of all employees of the Company.

Mr. Yasushi Kakitsuka
President & Managing Director

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