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Safety First

MHIT And Safety First Campaign Activity

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Thailand) Ltd. realizes how important the safety first campaign is, particularly for those who work at the factory. Thus, we provided a guide line of " 10 Safety Principles " in the form of compact card which can be kept with oneself all the time for reminding of Safety First.

10 Safety Principles

  • Greeting each other in cheerful manner.
  • Dress neatly and wear proper protective gears.
  • Predict the hazards before beginning the work.
  • Inspect your equipment and follow the work procedures.
  • Follow the rules and prevent accident before it occurs.
  • Confirm all important points with Finger Pointing and Calling
  • Do the " BIG FOUR " , Sort-Arrange-Cleaning-Cleansing.
  • When working with other persons, coordinate your actions by exchanging signals.
  • Report all Scares and Frights.
  • Strive ZERO ACCIDENT around the clock.
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